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GanodermaGOLD™ is South Africa's premium dual-extract Reishi product, that has been pre-clinically trialed and proven to improve immune function by 43% within 48 hours.

It is cultivated in South Africa for South Africans! Mushroom Guru has perfected a proprietary growing method and developed South Africa's first pure Reishi double extract range.

MG-LZ8 is the corner stone of our GanodermaGOLD™ product range and is the Double Extract that is used in all our Reishi products. The name LZ8 (Ling Zhi-8) was given to an immunomodulatory protein, isolated from Ganoderma lucidum. MG is the abbreviation for Mushroom Guru, together they make up the Double Extract we call MG-LZ8.

Our proprietary growing and extraction methods deliver the ONLY dual extract, antler, Ganoderma lucidum product in South Africa.

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